What is the Trading Pro System?

So what is the Trading Pro System? It is an options trading course which includes approximately 24 hours of video teaching about using options to their greatest advantage and in such a way, that your profits are almost guaranteed.

The Trading Pro System reveals a very different approach to trading options. It shows you how to trade options without having to predict future market direction. Instead, it explains how you can take advantage of the one certainty that comes with all options contracts – they all expire at some point.

Knowing how to do this, but more importantly, how to manage your positions “by the numbers” so that, like any business with a portfolio of products, you eventually return a monthly profit, is the key feature of this very impressive program. This is what the Trading Pro System is all about.

The Trading Pro System has a twofold focus:

  1. Money Every Month, and
  2. Wealth Creation in the longer term


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What is the Trading Pro System all about?

It is a comprehensive guide, created by veteran trader (now retired) David Vallieres, on how to trade options “as a business”. He originally offered the program as an online “live” event to the subscribers of “Tradingology” – the name of a trading group that he mentored.

Later, the recorded videos were compiled into what has now become known as the Options Trading Pro System. Some valuable bonuses have also been included with the program, including David’s own “Market X Factor” indicator among others, to make it a very appealing package.

The Trading Pro System does not rely on identifying chart patterns, being familiar with technical analysis, Bollinger Bands, indicators, or anything like that. About the most you need to know, is having some idea of the price range in which an underlying stock will trade within about a one-month time frame. You can use channels, or weekly or monthly charts, to easily achieve this.

Even if you’re wrong . . .  using this system, there are ways to “fix” your trades so that they still realize a profit. That’s one reason why I feel so good about this program, because it shows you how. David takes you through a number of strategically planned steps that give you the confidence to trade like a professional. In fact, each training video ends with his signature words:- “Trade With Confidence”.


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The training is done using a live account and in real life trading conditions. Even though the program has been around for a while now, the information that it contains is evergreen. This means that it’s something that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren! It will still work just as well in 100 years from now.

David Vallieres has been around for a long time. He was trading during the 1987 stock market crash and knows what it’s like to “take a hit”. He has seen it all. Later in his career, he paid one of the top CBOE options traders to personally mentor him. Consequently, he has an in-depth knowledge of options and is therefore well qualified to teach the best strategies.

So what is the Trading Pro System? It is a program that is designed to help people trade options in such a way that they stop losing money on what in many cases, probably amounts to not much more than gambling. It shows you how to have the right mindset, so that you see options trading in a different way to a “punter”. You don’t need to gamble! You just need to know how to trade options like anyone running a business – only in this case, your “product” or “inventory” if you like, is a portfolio of options contracts.

what is the trading pro system

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